What the Telecom Companies Don't Want You to Know

Telecom companies, understandably, want to maximize profit. Their complex pricing models and confusing billing procedures take advantage of the fact that:

  • you don't have the time to review every line item
  • you may not be aware of the pricing options available to you
  • you may not have a deep understanding of how technology can reduce your overall cost
  • you don't have the time to thoroughly research every provider in the industry
  • you don't have access to the latest trends and innovations in the industry
  • your staff might resist challenging the status quo

For those reasons, the telecommunication companies know you are likely to pay their bills every month despite the fact that they are loaded with opportunities to reduce costs by up to 40%.

Some bills contain errors that are easily overlooked and can cost you thousands of dollars. Many telecom contracts and bills are loaded with technical language. They are so incomprehensible, customers usually just pay without question.

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