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Mobile Device Security: potentially critical problems and how to reduce them
A wide range of mobile devices are invading our work places and being used more frequently. Employees expect access to their company's network. Senior management relies on smart phones and tablets to stay in contact with their offices and to access company networks when they are out of the office.

This opens the door to potential attacks through these mobile devices. IT departments have a very difficult time determining when they occur and what the source of the attack is. These attacks can lead to network breaches, data loss, intellectual property theft and regulatory compliance issues.

STEP 1: identify all threats. Downloadable apps may be the invitation for malware and spyware to enter network. Phishing scams, e-mail, text messages, and social media are also ways malicious software and downloads corrupt your network. High risk is high risk! IT needs an effective and consolidated roster of all vulnerabilities. Leading vulnerability solutions will assist with this by providing centralized management for all desk top, servers and mobile devices.

STEP 2: compare cost to benefit ratios for security packages and software. Only you know what your network looks like and what security measures, if any, you have in place for mobile devices.

STEP 3: implement a unified solution that integrates security risk discovery, prioritization, remediation and reporting on mobile and non-mobile devices.

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