The Process

With no upfront cost or obligation, AmTelAudit will analyze a customer's current telecommunications (telecom) spending usage patterns and telecom infrastructure. We find overcharges on more than 50% of the bills we audit, and we average 15% to 40% savings on recurring telecom expenses for our customers.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of:

  • vendor contracts
  • current spending patterns
  • historical billings
  • usage
  • future needs

We identify:

  • savings opportunities
  • billing errors
  • refund amounts you are owed
  • unused resources
  • potential technology upgrades
  • opportunities to renegotiate existing vendor contracts

When our no-cost preliminary analysis is complete, AmTelAudit presents an in-depth, written Findings & Recommendations report. This report includes detailed estimated savings opportunities for each recommended solution. Our customers maintain complete control by choosing all, some, or none of the suggested recommendations.

AmTelAudit implements customer-approved solutions at no cost to the customer including negotiation and provisioning with vendors. Our customers allocate zero staffing, cost, or responsibility towards implementation. AmTelAudit will:

  • consolidate and streamline telecom operations for maximum savings
  • negotiate lower costs with existing and/or new vendors
  • coordinate upgrading of technologies
  • disconnect circuits not in use
  • increase security

AmTelAudit provides regular follow-up audits every 30 to 90 days to ensure solutions have been implemented correctly. Throughout the agreement, AmTelAudit acts as your telecom advocate, updating you on any new telecom industry developments that might affect your business. Clear reporting helps customers understand their savings.

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