How is AmTelAudit Compensated?

Nothing in life is free, but an AmTelAudit expense audit is close! We provide our telecom audit service to qualified* organizations with no up-front cost and include a risk-free savings guarantee. When we identify savings opportunities, and our customer chooses to implement those opportunities, the customer shares a percentage of those savings with AmTelAudit. This percentage is agreed to in writing before the implementation phase.

AmTelAudit invoices customers for our portion of the savings at the end of the month AFTER the savings have been realized by the customer. The customer enjoys a visible and measureable decrease in their ongoing telecom expenses. Thus, our customers pay for AmTelAudit's services not from current operating budgets, but from actual, realized savings.

At the expiration of the agreement, the customer enjoys 100% of all future savings. To ensure that our customers continue to optimize their telecom costs in the future, AmTelAudit offers them the opportunity to continue the relationship on a retainer basis.

* "Qualified organizations" include those spending at least $2,500/month on access, voice, data, wireless, internet, local, long distance, hosting, private line & data services.

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