Meet Patrick Cummings

AmTelAudit's President and Founder, Patrick Cummings, is a recognized expert in the telecommunications industry. When the telecom industry was deregulated in the early 1980's, Patrick began helping consumers sort through new telecom confusion and he began to help optimize their telecom expenses.

Patrick created Cummings Telecommunications Services (CTS). CTS worked on customers' behalf to optimize their telecom expenses by correcting billing errors, reconfiguring services, and changing service providers where appropriate. In addition, CTS provided systems and network design services for customers. The success of CTS was evidenced by the fact that an average of 75% of its customers elected to stay on retainer after the initial intervention phase of CTS's work with them.

Patrick decided to expand his knowledge base in systems design by accepting a position as Large Systems Design Engineer for Norstan. Norstan, at the time, was the exclusive distributor for IBM/Rolm systems for the western United States.

Patrick was recruited to co-found Allied Concepts. Allied focused on developing niche telecom products and devices. Patrick was responsible for the design of a number of products, including The Listener home security system, a customized promotional musical telephone, and a customized telephone dialer.

When Ameritech expanded its marketing reach by creating a usage distributor network, Patrick co-founded Usage Specialists, Ltd. Usage Specialists, one of the first usage distributorships awarded by Ameritech, was an authorized distributor of Ameritech Usage, Data and Centrex products. Under Patrick's leadership as President, Usage Specialists was awarded Ameritech's prestigious Five Star distributor status for multiple years and was the top revenue producing Ameritech distributor in the state of Illinois. During his tenure as president of Usage Specialists, Patrick was also a co-owner of Cellular Specialists, an Ameritech cellular products retail store. Due to the success of these businesses, both were sold unsolicited during 1999 at a significant profit.

Armed with tremendous experience, a vast network, and a deep desire to return to advocating for business consumers without vendor bias or affiliation, Patrick founded AmTelAudit. Advances in technology, constant changes in pricing, and a plethora of vendors to choose from... telecom is more confusing than ever! The need for a telecom consumer advocate is greater than ever, and AmTelAudit enjoys helping solve these challenges.

Prior to his entry into the telecom industry, Patrick enjoyed a successful sales and marketing career with Armour Pharmaceutical, Revlon and McGraw Hill. He is a graduate of North Park University with a B.S. degree in Biology and Chemistry. Patrick is a member of MENSA.

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